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Anne Syrett - Head of Service Delivery at Southend Airport  (2007 - 2014)

"I would like to thank DV Training and Development Ltd for providing aviation security consultation, training and support for London Southend Airport (LSA) team from March 2011 until January 2014. The quality of service provided was extremely professional, and well organised. At the time they started LSA was quite unique in regards to the rapid growth of the operation, a new Terminal being built and that all the operational staff both Front and back of House were Multi-skilled so all ground operational teams were required to be fully Security Trained.

DV Training and Development developed bespoke courses for both the class room and the on job training that not only covered the statutory mandatory agenda but also incorporated some of LSA specific processes and procedures for both Level 1 and Level 2 courses. They ensured that the annual refresher courses were modified annually to ensure they were motivational to keep the interest of the attendees.

The team coached and supported the Security Supervisors with reviewing procedures to incorporate the changes required as the operation grew and new equipment and processes were put in place. As the Supervisory team were all new to the role they spent time coaching them individually on their duties and assessed them, providing constructive feedback post assessment.

In consultation with myself and our Department for Transport lead inspector they produced the London Southend Airport Security Programme in a way to reflect the 12 modules of the EC300 (NASP).

Again I would like to thank the whole team at DV Training and Development, I found them to be professional, flexible, motivational, open and honest, approachable and they went above and beyond the call of duty in supporting myself, the duty management team and our operational team whilst I was at LSA as the Head of Service Delivery".

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