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Operational Equipment Training

Explosive Trace Detection EquipmentExplosive Trace Detection Equipment (ETDE)

This system is used to check items of hand luggage and their contents which security staff are unsatisfied with after x-ray screening and subsequent hand search. This system is an additional tool to help in the detection of improvised explosive devices.

Training can be given on Smiths Barringer, Safran Morpho Itemiser & L3 equipment.

Aviation security liquid testing

Liquid Screening – Liquids, Aerosols & Gels (LAGs)

To ensure liquids are screened to a standard which allows for detection of liquid explosives.

The training shall include the use of test strips for manual testing or by Vapour Detection equipment.


Liquid Explosive DetectionLiquid Explosive Detection (LEDs)

Only to be used on “in scope” LAG’s greater than 100 ml. “In Scope” is 100% of prescribed medical or dietary liquids including baby milk / food and Duty Free liquids purchased in the EU in Security Tamper Evident Bags (STEB’s). 

To include Primary and Secondary testing methods such as software installed for x-ray screening or bottle testing equipment.

Advanced Walkthrough Metal Detectors (AWMTD) /
Walkthrough Metal Detectors (WTMD) & Handheld Metal Detectors (HHMD)

Walkthrough Metal Detector training

To understand the purpose, requirements, proper use and limitations of the AWTMD, WTMD & HHMD as aids to the searching of passengers and staff. To understand the actions to take if this equipment activates and its strengths and weaknesses.

To include the procedures for daily and weekly equipment checks in accordance with DfT / CAA guidelines.