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Ground Security Supervisors – Initial and Recurrent

Ground Security SupervisorsTarget Audience:

Provision of this training is mandatory for any personnel employed to Supervise staff carrying out Ground Security Operative duties.  It follows the Department for Transport guidelines as stipulated in the National Aviation Security Programme. 

Course Overview:

  • The Threat to Aviation
  • International & National Objectives of Aviation Security & Legislation
  • Security Communications
  • Legal Powers, the Role of the Police and Incident Reporting
  • Maintaining Effective Security
  • General Security Awareness
  • The Role of the Supervisor
  • Responding to a Security Incident
  • Suspect and Prohibited Articles
  • X-Ray Equipment – including testing procedures
  • ETD Equipment- including testing procedures & activation next steps
  • Liquids Testing Equipment
  • WTMD’s / AWTMD’s & HHMD’s
  • Searching People & Bags / Items – including testing procedures
  • Searching Facilities- including how to lead the team
  • Searching Vehicles
  • Searching / Checking Aircraft
  • Interview & Feedback Skills 

Course Delivery:

  • PowerPoint & DVD Presentations
  • Written & Practical Assessments
  • Group / Individual Exercises incl. recording of interviews
  • On-the-Job training