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Our Directors

Vivienne DarnellVivienne Darnell is the Director of Operations, with more than 28 years’ experience within the Aviation & Security Industry.

Vivienne spent the majority of her career within BAA at Stansted Airport and the Security Operation and Training function, managing / training circa. 400+ security staff. Directly and effectively contributed to the crisis management and business continuity aspects during some major airport incidents.

Using her experience in the security operation, Viv’s last position within BAA was the Training & Recruitment Manager and led effective recruitment strategies working with Senior Management in planning to ensure the right quality of staff were employed using increasingly complex security screening processes.

Director of Operations | Call DV Training 07738 302557Email DV Training

Dawn GalleyDawn Galley is the Director of Training, with more than 24 years’ experience and knowledge within the Operational and Training environments at BAA.

Dawns experience comes directly from working her way through as a Security Officer, Team Leader, Supervisor and finally as the Training and Development Officer managing the day to day running of the training team.

Dawn has considerable experience of working abroad on international assignments in Miami, Oman, Jordan, Kenya, Nigeria and Egypt. Her expertise in all types of technology available to the Aviation Industry such as AWTMD’s, X-Rays, Liquids & Explosive Trace Detection equipment has allowed her to support clients and their teams to Operational Readiness with confidence and excellent results.

Since forming DV Training & Development in 2006, both Vivienne and Dawn have been able to demonstrate their passion for excellence in providing a bespoke training package for their clients.

Director of Training | Call DV Training 07738 596850 | Email DV Training